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             HH2/HB9AMO 2011/2012 Operation


After his 2009/2010 trip to Haiti Pierre has not been too active on radio.  But from the 21st of November 2011 till January 15th 2012 Pierre will be back on air,

The callsign has been renewed and confirmed as HH2/HB9AMO, like in 2009

Operations will be mainly in local evenings or weekend, CW only. Pierre uses a 35m long wire with tuner and is capable using all bands, 160-10m with 100W only.


Log is updated as much as possible to clublog. 





          HH2/HB9AMO 2009 / 2010 operation


 Pierre Petry, HB9AMO , well known for quite some radioactivity all around the world is now in Haiti ( HH ) . In spare time, he will be active in CW only as HH2 / HB9AMO.  

During X-mas he has been active mainly 17 - 40 m. After that he has been able extend the antenna and has been able to work 80m also. Trying to tune on 160m failed so far. His antenna's ,all homebrew wire's with a TS50, some 100W output power and antenna tuner.


After the activity of 1 and 2 january Pierre will probably not be qrv for a period of about 2 weeks....but never say never.   First expected activity will be on the 13th of January, during his local evening ( +/- 00.00z- 6.00z on the 14th )


13-01-2010 : On the night evening of the 12th of January ( CET ) Haiti was struck by a 7.0 Earthquake. Pierre has reported he is ok and unharmed.   The original plan was to qrt from Haiti on the 23rd of January, but things have changed as you can imagine.


14-01-2010 :

From Pierre :

Hello all,

Thanks for your nice messages. I am safe in "Les Gonaives" city.
I don't know when i will be able to operate from Port-au-Prince. I don't know if the station is still in condition.
Best regards.

From Pierre :


Hello all,
Thanks very much for your suport messages, i appreciated them very much in the actual situation is nice to received them.
I am back to Port-au-Prince but still cannot go the the place where my station is located. I learned the antenna is down but the station is safe. I will try to go there when it will be possible and rapidly grab the equipment as the house is partially dammaged and it could be dangerous to stay too long inside.
Let hope to be active again on HF bands and contact you.
Best 73



From Pierre

Two days ago i finally went to the partially destroyed house where i operated the radio before the earthquake. I have been very lucky to find the equipment under the table covered with rubble and dust. I quickly grab the radio, keyer and PS and went out as it could be very dangerouse to stay in the distroyed buiding. By chance the radio is still working, only the display lamp is broken.  I will operate when time permit from another location. Do not expect too many QSO on all bandes.  
Regards Pierre.


Pierre has been operating a few times with a wideband antenna 3.0 - 30 Mhz just 6m above the ground. Not much more possible at this time. 160 is really not working on that antenna. The online log will be updated when it has been received from Pierre.



HH2/HB9AMO is now QRT.  Pierre will go to HI, and after that back home in HB9.



The final log is available in the logsearch....see if you're in.

Below his "antenna", used on 25/26 December 2009

Just a 35m long wire attached on one side to a tree down below and the antenna tuner at the top.  Good enough for world wide qso's.


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Pierre operating during his trip to Chad back in 2005.




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